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1. Do you have any idea of what restaurants should gross & net per year?
Use the downloadable spreadsheet attached to determine gross and net income based on total sales per square foot per year. Follow the instructions at the top of the spreadsheet to complete "what-if-scenarios"  Download: Restaurant_Pro-Forma.xls (Size 22 KB)

2. How do you charge for Architecture & Interior Design?
If an existing space is currently a restaurant or nightclub our fees are lower than they would be if we were starting with a space that was used for retail, commercial, industrial etc. When the space is already set up for hospitality use, many of the moving parts are already in place. Existing heating ventilating and air conditioning systems as well as electrical and plumbing systems may only need slight program adjustments. Fire and Life Safety systems may already be in place allowing us to concentrate our time on other work for the project. The price for this type of project can only be determined once we understand the Owners vision for the project as well as the existing condition of the space.

3. What if the space is not currently a Hospitality space?
Our Fees are contingent upon us understanding the level of service that our clients desire. We are fully capable of delivering top shelf architecture, interior design and engineering services. Each project is quoted on an individual basis.

4. Are there any other design fees that could be involved in a project?
Possibly, some projects need to address parking and site drainage issues involving Civil engineering or perhaps structural engineering will be called for and these fees are paid to outside consultants.

5. What other 'soft costs' are there in opening a hospitality venue?
Download the Excel spreadsheet ´┐ŻOpening Costs. This will assist you in determining your overall budget for the project and includes a comprehensive list of both "hard" and "soft" costs for restaurant and nightclub projects.  Download: Opening_Costs.xls (Size 33.5 KB)

6. What are typical Construction Costs for this type of project?
Construction costs vary according to the local marketplace and the level of fit & finish for the project. In most markets restaurants and nightclubs are being built for from $250.00 to $350.00 per square foot for average and higher end buildouts, however smaller or exotic build outs can climb higher.

7. How do we explore working with you?
There are a few ways: The first is free. You can comunicate with us via telephone and e-mail, sending us digital photos, scans of plans, surveys and documents so that we can better understand the project.

The second way is essentially free. We do not charge for initial consultations, so you are free to come and meet with us at our Miami Beach office and spend some time evaluating our suitability for your project. There is no charge for this time spent together.

The third way is to have Mr. Telesco come to your city and evaluate your project, site etc. There are charges for this level of service and airfare is borne by our clients. Go to the end of this section and download the Word document Travel Procedure for more details.  Download: Travel_Procedure.doc (Size 237 KB)

8. Do you work with other consultants that we might be interested in?
Yes, we have restaurant & nightclub consultants available that can assist you with restaurant and nightclub concepts and management procedures, recruitment, training, operations etc. We also have acousticians available for projects where sound mitigation is extremeley important as well as Lighting Designers.

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